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Saturday, 27 October 2012

UK Scrappers Mystery Kit Mini Album and Layouts!

I love doing online challenges and classes -  I recently did True Scrap 4 hosted by Lain Ehmann, one of the classes was a Laura Dennison mini album class - and I couldnt wait to have a go at making my own! - You can find more of Laura's fab work here She has just launched her new blog here  - There are a ton of amazing tutorials on there and you can easily loose a few weeks looking at her amazing work!

BUT back to the UKS cybercrop and the Mystery Kit challenge, as a member of the Detectives team, my kit came from A Trip Down Memory Lane, and I had a ball putting together my homage to Laura - so here it is - there are a lot of photos here - so please enjoy!

This is the main project I did with the kit - its a mini album of our recent trip to Vietnam

The front of the album!

The album has a flap on the far right of every page, with lots of places for photos and journalling - Page 1

This is page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Last page!
Back Cover

Over view of the book!

I also made three LO's a DLO and a SLO of a trip to Pompeii a few  years ago!
Im so looking forward to the Cybercrop and really enjoyed putting together this selection of projects from one lovely mystery kit!!!!!


  1. LOVE your One and Done Alison!! I especially love how you changed up the flaps to accommodate some extra photos. Great idea! And I plan on stealing it :) Looks like you were super creative! Way to go!!

    1. Thanks Alison! You are welcome to steal anything you can find a use for! I'm going to make a ton of these I'm sure!!!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the class...I had so much fun doing it as well!

    Laura Denison

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Laura - the class was awesome!

  3. Hi Alison, thanks for visiting my blog!! Have been having a read of yours and had to laugh because when I come home I look at my 'home' scrap stash and wonder what on earth I am going to do... your tastes change don't they?
    Love what you did with the mystery kit too, such a lovely mini book!!


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