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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Scrapbook Remix - Catching up

I have been following this class with Shimelle and am loving it, but on the message board was a thread that asked the dreaded question - How much do you spend on your stash? GULP!!! Deep Breath - ok and another one - I'll be ok in a min ...................................................... maybe a few minutes to compose myself............ Ok I'll be honest!!!!

I dont know about you, but Im completely in denial about how much I spend on stash! The last big blowout was in September, I had a great day in Archivers and another even bigger day in Michaels - BUT I was only in the US for a fortnight and everything was at least 40 - 75% cheaper than here in Singapore - so it made sense to stock up whislt I was there - didnt it???? I only buy here when there is a special offer on, and I have a wishlist for things I want so I dont go crazy! You believe me right? Ok well I dont go crazy very often (and if I do, only for things on my wishlist - oh oh did you actually see me add those extra 7 rolls of washi tape to my basket the last time I was in there? OK well I did, but it was half price ............ and it was for a friend - no really it was)

Ive been scrapbooking a long tme, so I have almost all the tools they have ever invented for scrapbooking - the one I use most is my Pazzles - worth every penny btw - as I now spend virtually nothing on Alphas and Embellishments! I have a major weakness for the Chinese Beads and Swarowski Crystals we have here, but since we are expecting a move to the US next year - I guess they will have to last me a long while!

I recently bought a set of Perfect Layers and a Perfect Square, most of my purchases are PP and cardstock, and Oh and I guess, you already know I also have a weakness for washi tape at the moment! Please tell me Im not alone!

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