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Monday, 25 February 2013

Full of Excuses???

Well no not really! In order to scrapbook life you have to live it first right? My last post was on 4 February which was a really really special day for me as my brother and Sister in Law arrived on holiday and I have been their tour guide during their visit. This means I now have a ton of new photos and memories to scrapbook - its been a long time since we got a chance to spend this much time together so we really made the most of it and are so pleased they enjoyed their time with us, as much as we enjoyed having them! 

So, does that mean I have not been scrapping - of course not I've been doing LOAD with Lain Ehman and Pretty Paper Party with Shimelle - Im also revisiting Cover to Cover and Scrapbook Remix also by Shimelle - so I have quite a few LO's to share! These are not in chronological order - but they are all here!!! I'll be back with more later once I have caught up with myself again!!!

This was a LOAD LO concerned with Goals - mine are pretty consistent these days.......

1 Loose Weight
2 Eat Healthier
3 More exercise 

2 and 3 I'm doing ok with - I should maybe have added eat less - but that is sooo hard in Singapore as the food here is sooooo good. Oh and if you thought you saw me you buying a chocolate croissant this morning at the Tiong Bahru Bakery - you must have been in the queue behind me and I wont tell if you don't!!! Oh and if you did I hope yours was as delicious as mine!!!

This LOAD prompt was to scrap something I have been meaning to scrap for a while........ These photos had been sitting on my desk and I didnt want the LO to look too heavy - so I was quite pleased with the finished item. I stamped on the flowers and got a chance to play with my new and current favourite camera and film strip stamps - They are from Bo Bunny and I picked them up for under S$7 at Papermarket Vivo City.............. Well I was just passing ............... it would have been rude not to go in - right?

This LOAD prompt was to scrapbook your significant other - it was a very rushed LO and was definitely a question of done is better than perfect!

This LOAD prompt was about a favourite place - for me it was easy - The Botanic Gardens Singapore - I'm there at least three times a week and love them!!!! You'll see I had to use that stamp set again! I think I'm in love with it!!!

This LOAD prompt was about smell - and I scrapbooked how the smell of delicious food is everywhere in Singapore. No wonder people often greet you with the words 'Have you eaten?'

This LOAD prompt was about a visual quilt of your life right now - This was quite topical for me as all too soon our time in Singapore will be coming to an end - Im desperately trying to capture the things that are all around me now, but wont be for much longer! I decided to make it a visual quilt with some woven ribbon PP, photos and journalling!!!

This LOAD prompt was a piece of wisdom I would pass on to my younger self - In my younger days I was very ambitious and driven - whilst I was very successful in that part of my life - I didnt have and probably wasnt a lot of fun! It took moving to Singapore to realise that work wasnt who I was - its what  I did - a valuable lesson - Ive been making up for it since I moved here!!!

This LOAD prompt was to scrap a photo from your childhood - this is the 6 year old me with my favourite uncle - we lost him almost 15 years ago and I still miss him very much - I need to scrapbook more of him because he was such a big part of my life - I just find it so painful!

This LOAD prompt was to write a love letter to an inanimate object - mine was to my iPad which I love and goes everywhere with me!!! I have taken a photo to add to the LO but need to get it printed!!!

This LOAD LO was to scrapbook something that could have been a disaster but worked out in the end! I took my Auntie to Bangkok - she is great but is the faddiest eater in the world - definitely a meat and two veg girl, no rice, noodles, sauces, curries etc. - you get the picture. Fortunately there was a creperie nearby and she liked them so much we had to go every morning for breakfast!

This LOAD LO was about something I am thankful for - I love living in Singapore, but you dont have to go far in Asia to see people living in real poverty. I am thankful this is not my life.

This LOAD prompt was to scrapbook a sound!  I scrapbooked the sound of the jungle - although this is only a few minutes from my door you really do feel like you are in the middle of the jungle here!!!

This LOAD prompt was to have a hidden element on your page! I made a pocket out of cardstock and patterned paper and made some tags, that I die cut the top of with my Pazzles, then I added photos of my step daughter. I have left one so that she can tell the story about how excited she was to finally be able to have a large Millie's Cookie. The problem was she didnt want to share it, so we also had to buy a birthday cake!

This LOAD prompt was about who is the optimist and who is the pessimist in your family - depending on whether or not their team is winning my boys can be either!!!

This LOAD prompt was to do something new on your page - so I washi taped a chipboard flower and Im really quite pleased with how it turned out!!!  The photos are the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore - they are quite simply beautiful!!!

This LOAD prompt was about something I did for love - my DH loves trains, we even got married on a train! He wanted to travel the jungle line from Singapore to Kota Bahru in Northern Malaysia before the old Singaprore railway station was closed. We set off at 0400 and travelled in a train with no first class, for 14 hours it was filthy and infested with cockroaches. On arrival we found we were at the number one Islamic City in Malaysia (so no wine with dinner) after arriving in a monsoon and taking the leakiest taxi in Kota Bahru - we finally arrived aching from the journey and soaked to the skin!! The hotel was lovely, the people were so friendly and pleasant - but I wont be going back anytime soon!!!

This LOAD prompt was about what home means - for me its having our kids with us, and spending time with our family - it doesn't matter where we are!

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Productive Day!!!

Well today Ive done some LO's I really like - Im up to date with LOAD and I've done almost two prompts on Pretty Picture Party - good to tell its rained all day!!!

This one was a yellow / grey / neutral theme - I have run out of ideas for titles for Wat Arun now - and thankfully I have almost run out of photos of this bit of it - Im onto the Buddha's next!!!

White / Teal and Pink love the colours in this LO!

My LOAD day 1 LO no words, which I thought was ok...................

Then I scrapped this LO - the photo was taken by my DS who is a pro - photographer and I absolutely love the way this one turned out!!! Tons of crystals and one of my favourite stamps - the most amazing thing to me is that when he took the photo, she was just being fed and was still for no more than a split second and he got this amazing shot of her - to me she looks beautiful, yet vulnerable - and its even better IRL!!

My DSD's 13th Birthday - so its all very pink and girlie!

LOAD Day 2 - My perfect day - a trip round Marina Bay - Singapore - Ive taken so many of my visitors there and it really is a fab part of the island!!! I thought this was a bit busy at first but its grown on me - it showcases the area well I think - and Im wondering if I ought to do the same for Chinatown, Little India and a few other places in this remarkable place!!!

Oh back to Thailand for a black and yellow creation with a bit of Kraft thrown in for good measure and I even managed to get some scraps used up on that border - I cant tell you how pleased I am with myself!!!

LOAD Day 3 - Gardens by the Bay - Singapore - The Chinese Garden - the prompt asked us to look at something we overlook - I loved the peace of a Chinese Garden but had overlooked until recently, that a Chinese Garden incorporates all aspects of nature - mountains, water and feng shui are all important parts of it and I wonder if that is why it is so peaceful!!!

 Sorry - back to Wat Arun again - well its amazing - and I was snapping the entire time I was there! I am pleased with the combination of teal and kraft on this one!!!!

Back to the Chinese Garden by the Bay Singapore for this one which incorporates both actual and digital stamping, die cutting, decoupage and water colouring - Im not sure if Ive overdone the flowers on this one!!!!!

Anyway this is what I have been up to!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scrapping Like a Mad Woman!!!

I knew it would be this way - Im doing LOAD and PPP at the same time and Ive never been so productive so here is what Ive been doing - I cannot believe that in the last two weeks I have done 36 LO's and its only the first day of LOAD!!!!! I havent even started on the things I want to scraplift yet!!! 

Anyway this is the stuff I have been working on!  Still have more to photograph and upload when I have some daylight to work with in the morning!!! This one is a DLO of Wat Arun I have sooooo many photos because it is an absolutely stunning place to visit!!! From PPP - the flowers are printed from a free digital kit on Jessica Sprague's site! Here's the link and its from the Liv's kit! Dont forget to look at her digi shop too because she has some awesome stuff in there! 

Another hybrid page - this one uses a journal card that Shimelle recommends $ 4.00 USD from two peas! You can find them here!

This is a page from a sketch used in the class! I didnt think I would get on with this one very well, but actually, I quite like it, in fact I liked it so much I used another sketch in the prompt to do a companion page!!!!

Ok so there was a question in the LOAD forum about the state of your desk before you start LOAD - and this was mine! I have made myself clear after every LO is complete, and whilst my stuff on the shelves isnt as tidy as it might be - it is in the right place and my desk is now always clear between
LO's and it does make it easier to scrap and find things!!!!

This is my day 1 LO for PPP - it took me ages to get round to sticking down that ribbon and the border strips above and below it, because I was unsure about it and the flower - in the end I just went for it and I have to say - I quite like it!

A very very loose take on one of the sketches in PPP! Once again Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand - did I mention its an amazing place? Oh ok only a dozen times - but it really really is.................

  Oooh Wat Arun again! Amazing place did I .................... Oh right I did! This was a sketch that I really liked in the prompt, but it was a bit too far outside of my comfort zone - so I used the triangles in a more organised and ordered way!!!!!!