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Monday, 4 February 2013

A Productive Day!!!

Well today Ive done some LO's I really like - Im up to date with LOAD and I've done almost two prompts on Pretty Picture Party - good to tell its rained all day!!!

This one was a yellow / grey / neutral theme - I have run out of ideas for titles for Wat Arun now - and thankfully I have almost run out of photos of this bit of it - Im onto the Buddha's next!!!

White / Teal and Pink love the colours in this LO!

My LOAD day 1 LO no words, which I thought was ok...................

Then I scrapped this LO - the photo was taken by my DS who is a pro - photographer and I absolutely love the way this one turned out!!! Tons of crystals and one of my favourite stamps - the most amazing thing to me is that when he took the photo, she was just being fed and was still for no more than a split second and he got this amazing shot of her - to me she looks beautiful, yet vulnerable - and its even better IRL!!

My DSD's 13th Birthday - so its all very pink and girlie!

LOAD Day 2 - My perfect day - a trip round Marina Bay - Singapore - Ive taken so many of my visitors there and it really is a fab part of the island!!! I thought this was a bit busy at first but its grown on me - it showcases the area well I think - and Im wondering if I ought to do the same for Chinatown, Little India and a few other places in this remarkable place!!!

Oh back to Thailand for a black and yellow creation with a bit of Kraft thrown in for good measure and I even managed to get some scraps used up on that border - I cant tell you how pleased I am with myself!!!

LOAD Day 3 - Gardens by the Bay - Singapore - The Chinese Garden - the prompt asked us to look at something we overlook - I loved the peace of a Chinese Garden but had overlooked until recently, that a Chinese Garden incorporates all aspects of nature - mountains, water and feng shui are all important parts of it and I wonder if that is why it is so peaceful!!!

 Sorry - back to Wat Arun again - well its amazing - and I was snapping the entire time I was there! I am pleased with the combination of teal and kraft on this one!!!!

Back to the Chinese Garden by the Bay Singapore for this one which incorporates both actual and digital stamping, die cutting, decoupage and water colouring - Im not sure if Ive overdone the flowers on this one!!!!!

Anyway this is what I have been up to!!!

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