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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Ive decided that Ive really got too wrapped up lately, I had forgotten the excitement of scrapbooking, because I always felt that my pages werent as good as everybody elses - Im working on LOAD 512 and realise that nobody will really care if my brad ist the perfect colour, or if my flower isnt the perfect size. Ive focussed ongetting things onto the page and have done around 40 LO's in the last three weeks! So far its been very liberating , and Ive made LOs I really like too!!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Shhhhh dont tell........

........But this morning the sun is out in England!!!!!!! I cant say its warm (but then again Im used to Singapore warm) So I took my camera to the bluebell woods and had a wonderful couple of hours taking photos - I'll post some tomorrow! I also scrapped 2 double LO's and 1 SLO - so Im feeling quite pleased with myself!

Saturday, 5 May 2012


For todays inspiration we had to use inspiration from ebay - and something to do with your name! Sounds wierd but it was fine!!!! Anyway - my name brought up nothing at all, so I just used my first name and came up with a blouse for sale - black with white bows on it - Im sure I can do something with that! Its got a gold fancy coat hanger - so I think I'll use a bit of gold in there too perhaps!!!! Im sure I can do something with that!!!! If you're interested in the blouse its here and is a size 10!!!!

National Scrapbook Day 2012

Happy NSD 2012 well I don't know about anybody else, but Im heading over to the free online crop for National Scrapbook day at the Big Picture Classes site - Ive also got two days of LOAD to do, so Im going to be busy!!!!

Scrapping like a Mad Woman!!!!

I am enjoying LOAD - although I had work to do and didnt get chance to do Day 4's LO today! I am joining in the big picture online crop tomorrow and next week start Shimelle's Cover to Cover class - so Im hoping to have plenty of time to be able to get things done!!!!

I have decided I need to speed up my scrapping and use up more stash!!! Am  I alone in this or do I have friends out there who are the same as me????? I have a pile of photos and am doing well so far in organising my LO's into albums - but I still have a long way to go!!!! Im trying to stop spending ages choosing the perfect flower, perfect ribbon and perfect PP, perfect brad, perfect chipboard element and perfect Alphas for every LO - occasionally I also need to find the perfect sticker and the perfect jewel too - then find the perfect photo too to go on the LO ............................. Im giving myself a reality check there isnt enough time in the world for me to go through this for every LO and every photo in my collection - so the key today is going to be For Goodness Sake Woman - Just stick it down!!!!! Im going to try and hold myself to this - anybody with me????

LOAD Day 3

This challenge was to use holiday colours for a non holiday layout - Not only did I use Christmas colours I also used Christmas products for a March LO about Lynne's Farewell night out!!!!!

LOAD Day 2

Soooo the challenge for Day 2 was to scrap a page with no photo!!!! I met this one by doing a review of April! I love the spring colours of the Patterned Paper! Unfortunately I was in England for most of April and it was the wettest one they have ever had there!!!!!

LOAD Day 1

This is my LO for LOAD Day 1 which was to scrap a self portrait - I did a LO based on a photostrip I took using the incredibooth app on my iPad! My LO was all about jetlag which is an all too frequent feature in my life!!!!

Friday, 4 May 2012

May - LOAD 512

I took part in True Scrap the weekend of 20th April and have been scrapping like a mad woman ever since! This week I began my first ever layout a day class by Lain Ehman - so far I have kept up with te layouts - you get a prompt every day, and then you do a layout, which is initiated by the prompt! So far, I have done a LO about me - a self portrait, and LO with no photo and todays challenge was to use holiday colours for a non holiday layout - I used Christmas papers and the colours red and green to do a LO about Lynne's Leaving do - so far Im quite pleased I am keeping up quite easily.......I know it wont last, but for now, Im just basking in the glory!!!!