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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Scrapping Like a Mad Woman!!!

I knew it would be this way - Im doing LOAD and PPP at the same time and Ive never been so productive so here is what Ive been doing - I cannot believe that in the last two weeks I have done 36 LO's and its only the first day of LOAD!!!!! I havent even started on the things I want to scraplift yet!!! 

Anyway this is the stuff I have been working on!  Still have more to photograph and upload when I have some daylight to work with in the morning!!! This one is a DLO of Wat Arun I have sooooo many photos because it is an absolutely stunning place to visit!!! From PPP - the flowers are printed from a free digital kit on Jessica Sprague's site! Here's the link and its from the Liv's kit! Dont forget to look at her digi shop too because she has some awesome stuff in there! 

Another hybrid page - this one uses a journal card that Shimelle recommends $ 4.00 USD from two peas! You can find them here!

This is a page from a sketch used in the class! I didnt think I would get on with this one very well, but actually, I quite like it, in fact I liked it so much I used another sketch in the prompt to do a companion page!!!!

Ok so there was a question in the LOAD forum about the state of your desk before you start LOAD - and this was mine! I have made myself clear after every LO is complete, and whilst my stuff on the shelves isnt as tidy as it might be - it is in the right place and my desk is now always clear between
LO's and it does make it easier to scrap and find things!!!!

This is my day 1 LO for PPP - it took me ages to get round to sticking down that ribbon and the border strips above and below it, because I was unsure about it and the flower - in the end I just went for it and I have to say - I quite like it!

A very very loose take on one of the sketches in PPP! Once again Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand - did I mention its an amazing place? Oh ok only a dozen times - but it really really is.................

  Oooh Wat Arun again! Amazing place did I .................... Oh right I did! This was a sketch that I really liked in the prompt, but it was a bit too far outside of my comfort zone - so I used the triangles in a more organised and ordered way!!!!!!

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