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Monday, 19 November 2012

Thanks for returning my Mojo Shimelle - Scrapbook Remix Update

Do you ever have times when you just dont get time to scrap - of course you do, we all do! I also have times when I could scrap - but life gets in the way - and recently - that was my story! So much going on and never quite enough time to sit down and make some magic happen!

Happily though its all changed since we got back from our trip, and I have made 20 LO's - in just over a week! I have had jetlag and scrapping helps me pass the time when I should be sleeping but simply cant! Might as well do something more productive than watching terrible Singaporean TV all night right! Sorry but its just not my kind of TV, not that Im much of a TV kinda girl in the first place to be honest!

I had signed up for Scrapbook Remix with Shimelle (of course) and hadnt had time to scrap any LO's but I have now started and am very happy with what I have done so far! Being challenged to look at my stash and my process in a different way is making me really excited about scrapbooking - and I am using stash like a mad woman at the moment! I find Scrapbooking is a joyful and happy thing to do and its a big part of my life (not least because of the amount of space my stash and completed albums take up!!!)

However, I have two sticking points when it comes to scrapping - I get the basic page done very quickly - then I spend ages on the embellishments! I usually scrap 6 x 4 photos, although I often crop them, and Im pretty good at working out where they need to go, and clusters - they often take forever, so Im working on that too! So if you fancy taking a peek at what I have done so far - here are a few of the LO's Shimelle has inspired me to do in the last week!

I've been working on colour - its an interesting thing to explore the possibilities and to limit yourself to something quite narrow - this one is explores using just one colour and one neutral !

This was an journey into monochrome - and I enjoyed it!

I then spent some time thinking about B sides! Patterned paper B sides - I bought this Scenic Route paper for the B side which is a pretty green grid, a very long time ago! I bought four sheets of it! I never thought I would find a way to use the A side as it was soooo busy, but with fairly plain photos and not a lot of anything else I think it works quite well and would have been done in no time at all,  except for those couple of clusters - that took longer than the rest of the LO to put together!

OK now you have seen I havent been slacking - I might just go and explore Shimelle's next Scrapbook Remix prompt - and enjoy another spot of stash diving - I could be some time!
Once again Shimelle - thanks for helping me to find my Mojo - its sooo good to have it back!

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  1. Great pages. Ive got photos from Pompii which ive never scrapped think I might need to print them out and get scrapping :-)


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