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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Im not big on stickers and Alphas these days, but it wasnt always that way! When I first started scrapbooking I bought about a million Creative Memories Alphas and Stickers, I am trying to use them all up - but its going to take me quite a while I think!!!!
This prompt was designed to get you to use up some of those things that had been hanging around in your stash and pre - make titles by vetting letters you hadnt found a way to use, to turn them into letters you could use!
I am truly in awe of people who can mix Alphas - and make them look effortlessly artistic - me well I tended to run out of vowels, when I routinely used letter stickers before I got my electronic cutters,  and whenever I attempt to compose an ecclectic title using different alphas - it looks like I have run out of vowels and Ive never got past this! So I used the waste from the letter sheet of some of those Creative Memories Alphas - I could have started a new sheet - Goodness knows I have enough of them, but in the spirit of the prompt and in the interest of showing I can use everything I used the waste and I also used some very old Christmas stickers to scrap these photos from 2007 - and I made a DLO! When I was doing this LO, I thought how I couldnt believe how much the kids have grown since then - feels like yesterday - how scary is that?

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