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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

LSNED - 100% complete!!!!

How amazing is that? I am done - the fact that I have jetlag and have had to catch up with a couple of days scrapping has filled in those endless nights when you have to go to bed at the same time as an active three year old and this morning - I finished my album all done by 2 October - that is a personal best - and entirely due to keeping it simple!!!! So without further ado here are the pages from 26th to the end of the album!!!!

So this is page 26 which deals with my creative process and my attempt to move my scrapping mojo to work with the concept of done being better than perfect, using up scraps and generally just getting stuff actually stuck on the page - and for the most part its worked this September - which was one of my goals for the class - YAY!!!!

At the moment I have a trip to the UK to spend time with my family to look forward to and later in October I will be joined by my DH - My most favourite time is time spent with our closest family and I am really excited about being with them - I dont enjoy time spent apart from my DH - but that's one of the down sides of living abroad - I always seem to be missing somebody - Skype and Facetime are my friends!!!!

We are sooooo tired and jetlagged which is why its taken me a week to get these posted - we laugh often - we've just been doing it in the middle of the night for what seems to have been forever - and feel like we are living in the twilight zone at the moment! Dont believe people who would have you believe global travel is all glamor - there is nothing glamorous about a 32 hour flight - honest! Throw in a +13 time difference and its like having flu and insomnia together!

Day 29 had me being asked to do some card making and scrapbooking classes - so watch this space - that might be fun right - and its something new!!!!

I wonder where we will be for LSNED 2013? I dont know where September 2012 went - but its gone and Im now gearing up for LOAD 1012!!!!

I always do a summary page and this was about things changing - maybe a new home in a new country, and about things that are a constant - like my love of all things family, the times we share and things we do together, and my love of telling our story through my scrapbooks!

I usually have a pretty cheerful disposition and see the world through rose coloured glasses probably more than most - to be fair there is little in my life that I would change, or that Im not really happy with - it hasnt always been that way - so Im grateful that when I count my blessings these days I run out of fingers and toes!!! That felt like the right note on which to end my September 2012 LSNED album!!!

I had an odd page so this page just finished things of nicely - dont you think?

See you next year for LSNED and later I'll be posting my first LOAD page - so please come back and visit often!!!!


  1. What a great book and so very well done on finishing :)

    You have a great outlook on life. I truly believe that a positive attitude carries you through most things.


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