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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


The next time I get a big idea about tidying up and reorganising my craft room please stop me! I love how organised my Singapore craft room is - it works beautifully and although it is a tiny space - it seems to work perfectly - hold onto that thought for a moment!

We also have a home in England - and I also have a craft room there too! Which is not tidy and not organised - in fact it is a total tip! Having got myself so organised in Singapore, I decided it was time to give the English craft room the same treatment - the germ of the idea started last week when I was doing LOAD up there, and couldnt find anything - and yesterday I started to make plans......... and this morning I started trying to bring order to the chaos!!  Stupid, Stupid Stupid idea!!!!!

It is only when I started (and oh how I wish I hadnt) that I realised how much my scrapping habits have changed over the last 3 1/2 years since we moved abroad, and now know the reason why I struggle to scrapbook tidily here - is that my stash isnt organised my room isnt organised and my storage system has no system, in fact to be honest its more of a storage problem!

Now I have started there is truly no going back - I see stretching ahead of me a good week of cleaning and sorting and the inevtiable trip to IKEA - shelf and storage unit building and hopefully a huge sigh of relief when the monster stash mountain is tamed and ordered an neatly organised - but there is much to do before that happens! I have taken before photographs - Im too ashamed to post them at the moment - but I do have evidence and when it is tidy I might be tempted to share them later when its all beautiful again, but in the meantime I best get myself back amongst the mayhem - before even the mere idea of it totally overwhelms me! I might be some time!!!!!!

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