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Sunday, 2 September 2012

LSNED - Days 1 and 2

Well so far so good I say! I have done my September 1 page and I have done my numbers for the days today and all things considered - Im feeling pretty good about my progress! No my page isnt the fanciest - but its done! My motto for this class - the simplest page done is better than the most eleborate page that never gets finished - and Ive got a few of those knocking about let me tell you!

So yesterday's prompt (done today because I usually work a day behind) as the Scrapgoddess herself says - You have to live the day before you can learn the lesson - right? Add to this the fact that my day starts and finishes 7 hours earlier than Shimelle's and it gives me chance to sleep on the prompt and be raring to go in the morning - actually that's probably putting it a bit too strongly!

However, tomorrow is Monday, and Mondays are a walking day - that means power walking 5km around the Botanical Gardens in 40 minutes, about 90 degrees and at least 80% humidity - and thats at 0800 in the morning! On that basis and because this wasnt a prompt I needed to give a great deal of thought to, I did it today!!  Just excuse me whilst I go and pat myself on the back!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pages. Definitely agree Alison that simplicity with this class is key to keeping up to date and not getting overwhelmed with daily prompts!

    Enjoy your sweaty walk haha! Here it is only about 13 degrees and feels really cold!(I'm in UK btw)

  2. Lovely pages! I made a promise to myself not to stress over the class this year. I too and going to keep it simple and enjoy the process.
    Sorry, had to paste my link. Pay no mind to the blogger one.

  3. good for you on the power walking
    love your pages too. very sweet and simple should be doable even when using up all that energy of a morning.

  4. Your book and pages look lovely Alison - looking forward to keep ing up with you. D x


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