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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

LSNED - Day 25 - Matching Luggage

When I first started travelling a lot I invested in some matching Samsonite luggage - yes it cost a fortune, but I thought it would be strong and would last - and everybody else did the same!!! On three seperate occasions I had to chase other people through the airport, because they had mistakenly taken my case! It seemed the whole world had the same bags as me! I tried ribbons in bright colours, labels - you name it my bags were still being taken from the luggage belt by other travel wearly passengers before I could get to them!!!! Or, I couldnt find them because the other passengers had had the same thought about getting strong durable high quality cases too!!! Not a good place to be!!!

So a little over a year or so ago I invested in matching luggage again - this time in designer black and cream vintage lace patterned ones - by Isabella Fiore! I love them! I can see them from the other end of the airport because they stand out, Ive had a ton of compliments about them because they are gorgeous and not once has anybody tried to run off with them! And my point is????

Well on my way back from Houston, the largest one (isnt it always) marked FRAGILE with no less than FOUR airline tags and stickers - was trashed somehow on its way to Singapore - the wheel came off and the corner was broken beyond repair - they must have dropped it from the aircraft on approach or something - just what you need after a 32 hour flight!

I couldnt face the drama when we arrived, and I needed to see if the contents of my case were complete and in tact, which they were, and knew that I had 7 days to get the problem sorted on my return. So yesterday we went back to the airport, and took the case, and they compensated me - half the price of the case!!! And I had to do the reverse of going through customs - let me tell you getting back into the luggage hall when you are not travelling, is much harder than getting out of there when you have just landed and much more time consuming. But its what I had to do to get to the lost and damaged luggage counter, to file a report and get my cash!!!

So its back to not having matching luggage again, and Im very sad! Its back to chasing my large Samsonite as it disappears with some other passenger - hopefully being fast enough to catch them before they are away with it, or buying a new Isabella Fiore!!!! Which I cheerfully would if I can get my hands on one! So if you have one you dont love as much as I did, and if its the largest one in the set and you're feeling sorry for me - please let me know and I'll pop round and pick it up! Ive enclosed a photo of its baby sister - just so you know what Im looking for!!!

Needless to say my page for today is about this very sad and sorry tale!!!


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