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Monday, 24 September 2012

LSNED - Catch up!

Catching up with blog posting is something I havent been able to do whilst we have been away! So here is a glimpse of what has been going on in my world over the last fortnight! I have added photos of pages 9 and 10 on the post they relate to below, and here is the rest of what I have done!
I have been trying to improve my photo taking this year and feel I have made some progress -I usually do LSNED as a journalling project - so you'll not see photos on these pages - but Im looking forward to sharing some during LOAD 1012 which Im going to be posting more about for the bloghop this Wednesday - please pop by and find out what I have been doing to prepare for it! I will be posting my LOAD pages throughout October - so please come back and see them then too, in fact why not subscribe to my blog - Ive even added a new button to make it easy for you.......... 


Sort of staying with yesterday's theme today I talked about how many people think you are more than slightly loopy, if you feel compelled to photograph a delicious and beautifully presented meal before you tuck in, or photograph a random sign in the street - because its important when telling a story later! Im guessing if you're here its because you're a scrapbooker and this will make perfect sense to you, just as it does to me! However I am aware that there are people out there who DO think its strange, and that Im slightly loopy - I can live with that - it causes me no pain whatsoever!

Sometimes life gives you the opportunity to take a chance - whether you take it or not - is up to you! Im grateful to the lovely Kelli from Scrap Happy, who on learning I was visiting the place she has made her home, got in touch and invited me to meet up with her! She took me to Archivers where we met the lovely Gretchen and bought stash - talk about the perfect day! It made a strange place feel more friendly and we found we had more in common than our interest in scrapbooking - what a lovely time I would have missed if both of us hadnt been prepated to take that chance!

The changing of the seasons is very different in Houston, Singapore and the UK - Houston has lovely fresh mornings and cooler evenings at the moment with baking hot mid days!

Singapore is always hot and humid, sometimes its hot, humid and not very rainy, other times its hot humid and rains an awful lot - During the dry season, it rains cats and dogs for about half an hour every couple of days, and then during the rainy season it rains more often and for longer - although its still nice some of the day, most days!

In the UK my family and friends are digging out their winter woolies, turning on the centrral heating and seeing frosty mornings already!

My page today deals with the challenges of driving in a foreign country! For anybody who is not used to driving on the right hand side of the road, imagine driving looking in a mirror , so everything is the wrong way around, the traffic is coming from the opposite direction to what you expect it should be, and you are not entirely sure about where you are going - apart from that its a doddle!

At this point I always do a half way day page to reflect on progress so far! I realised that I always seem to be travelling long haul in September, which is amazing to me, since I had never flown at all until I was 31! Now it feels almost ordinary - how different my life has turned out to how I might have imagined a few years ago!

Spending time with my husband and family is always my favourite way of spending the weekend, although if you come to ours on a weekend you will find theres a lot of talk about football (the English game) and my husband and our boys seem to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every fixture and position of every team in the league and their relationship to their team, and where they are going to be in the league table - depending on who beats who! Its a mathmatical miracle really, that they perform each week, working out required goal difference, points and so on - I find its best to just keep feeding them and let them get on with it!

Looking back at where we are now its the first time we have visited America together, the second time we have looked at moving to a new continent - wherever we are and wherever we go, it'll be good as long as we are together!

For the second time during my trip I met up with my friend Lousie from Singapore, who has just moved to Houston! We braved the Interstate today - the things a girl needs to do to go shopping! We went on the very big, very wide, very high scary roads and got to and back from the Premium outlet village just fine - although getting in the right lane on the right road had me sweating like a weightwatcher in a cake shop!!!!!! It was like driving on a roller coaster with everybody else on the same roller coaster going in different directions at the same time!!!!!!

Maybe its time for us to move to pastures new - as long as we are together - we'll be fine! Cant help feeling a bit apprehensive - but that's normal right?

If you asked anybody in Singapore about me, they would call me the Mahjong Girl Im sure! I didnt play until I moved here and now I run two mahjong groups and have taught numerous people to play! Watch out Houston - if we do end up moving over there Im on a mission to teach you all too!

The shortest day - it didnt feel like the shortest day it felt never ending - but since it had 13 hours missing - I didnt even notice it come and go! The bit I did have of the day was spent in Dubai Airport in the lounge awaiting my connection - so it wasnt too unpleasant - although Im not looking forward to the jetlag I know is coming to me!

Snooze Saturday - all I learnt today is that when you are travel weary the only place you want to be, is in your own nice clean bed after a nice warm shower!

I have raised my hand in life and have pledged to make the most of every opportunity and whatever life sends our way - but as the F1 raced around this fair City - I have to say I will miss this amazing and wonderful place very much!

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