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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Days 7 and 8

Well I am keeping up, but at the same time I seem to be blogging every other day at the moment!!!
Yesterdays prompt was about daily routine and where the time goes! My routine seems to be more weekly these days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday is walking, Tuesday is Mahjong with friends, Thursday I run two Mahjong sessions and weekends I spend with my husband! I always seem to be busy, but nowhere near as busy as most other people doing the class, or in fairness as most people I know! For years my life was absolutely non stop and now it has slowed down a bit - Im loving it!!!!

Anyway here is my Day 7 page!

So Day 8 is Shimelle's first new skill Saturday - for me its revise a skill Saturday because its going to make my life a whole lot easier! Last year I decided to start to learn to speak Mandarin - and I love it! BUT it is sooooo difficult - like really really really difficult!!! Although I did get through the class and never missed a lesson - I darent - I might never have caught up! I passed the exam and I have a certificate - recognised in China to prove it no less! However, soon the next set of classes start and I will need to concentrate even harder because next time we start on Chinese Characters - So I have packed my Chinese books and whilst in the USA (why couldnt it have been China - I could have practiced!) I plan to revise - IF I can keep myself out of the craft stores and stores where they have clothes to fit me!

If you come to Asia to live and have feet larger than size 39, or are larger than a size 4 - buying clothes is a struggle - they are either too short (Singaporeans are not generally tall), so skirts, dresses and trousers can be tricky to find! Add to this that they are generally beautifully and elegantly slim ............. and beautiful ..................... its enough to send an English girl to the cake shop!!!!!

Anyway here is my Day 8 page!!!! Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Oh good luck, I am so impressed that you did this, the language is beautiful and so exotic sounding to my english ear.


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