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Saturday, 1 September 2012

LSNED and Good Intentions!

OK the best of intentions - very poor follow through - I want to blog more often - and more interestingly and they say it takes three weeks to form a habit - so I have had a thought!

Today is the start of Learn Something New Every Day - an online class that runs throughout September every year!  I have completed it the last three years, its run by the wonderful Shimelle, if you havent signed up - you still can - the link is here Im thinking that by blogging about something I have seen through and completed and have committed to again this year - I might do better with my blogging going forward!

This is my album and the pages are all there waiting to be filled - Im going to post as many photos as I can (this isnt a get out by the way) - Im travelling some of September this year and Im not sure what access Im going to have to the internet, but if its not great - I will post what I miss when I get back - OK? I'll be back later with my first proper page - hold me to it - right?



  1. So glad we are in this together!!! Will be nice to have a ScrapHappy sister in the class with me to show me the ropes ;)

    1. Me too Dani - so pleased you are here too!

  2. Love your book and looking forward to this.

  3. Thanks so much Anesha - me too!!!!

  4. The book is beautiful ... I haven't even started anything or planning for it yet, might just do the LSNED by blog for a bit, who knows! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing your pages!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Kat, and for your lovely comment! Please feel free to pop back anytime:)

  6. Looks as though you've made a great start - and you should have lots to fill it when you get home from your adventures.


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