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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

LSNED - Day 24

Oh how lovely to be able to feel like I have caught up with things - Ive blogged the last three days, posted all my LSNED LO's,  although I realised that I had posted some of them in the wrong place in the class forum on - so Im hoping Shimelle will let me off, and that I havent totally confused the rest of the class!

Today I reflected on how travel broadens the mind and about how pleased I am that we have been to so many lovely places, and have been able to take our kids with us too! Although I have to admit I am still massively jet lagged and suspect that I will still be jet lagged from my last trip, before I go on my next one on Sunday - proving that long haul travel is not always as glamorous as I used to imagine it was!

I have almost caught up with the laundry,And as LSNED is finishing a new daily class starts for me next Monday - so Im now preparing for LOAD - Tomorrow Im taking part in my first ever blog hop, so please pop by and have a look, Ive got my post ready and Ive included some links to some great scrapbooking resources and my top ten tips to get more scrapping done!!!!

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