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Monday, 3 September 2012

LSNED - Day Three - Feet!

I was pleased to do a post about feet on a day I had walked in the Botanical Gardens - My lesson was the gratitude I feel for having comfy trainers! Lets face it when you're walking fast and its hot the last thing you need are trainers that are not comfy! Mine are the ones that are supposed to tone your legs as you walk - I dont know if they do - but I do feel my muscles more after I have walked in them, rather than my old trainers - so you never know!!!!  Or could it just be me believing the marketing hype?
If you ever come to Singapore please visit the gardens and my tip is to come early in the morning! The place is full from about 0600 - there are people doing Tai Chi - some with swords and others with fans, People Line Dancing to Chinese Music, Choirs practicing, A man who has a huge crowd doing Luk Tung - you're welcome to just join in! This involves stretching and breathing exercises! By the time I get round there Im about 4 km into my walk and am just grateful to be still breathing at all!!!! There are people and their personal trainers, runners, walkers power walkers like us and tourists!!!
The Orchid Garden is not to be missed but doesnt open until 0930! The coffee, fresh fruit juice, fresh fruit (if you're being good and pastries if you're not) are deelish - you'll find them at the little cafe near the visitor centre I think its called Casa Verde! - if you come on Mondays Wednesday's or Fridays though - please make way for us - there are about 20 of us usually - and if you see the girl with the comfy pink and white trainers who is never at the front of the walking group .................................. that'll be me!!!!
So here is my page 3 - its simple - but done and in the album!!!


  1. lovely page and a lovely place to walk!

  2. Love it! The gardens sound beautiful as well ... guess I'd better put Singapore on my bucket list!

    1. Oh it definitely needs to be on there Its an amazing place!!!!

  3. Singapore was already on my 'I'd love to see' list the botanic gardens just added motivation. They sound wonderful.


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