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Friday, 7 September 2012

LSNED - Day 6 - Grateful

I have much in my life to be grateful for, but also know that the things that are important - arent things! My husband and our children, my family, my friends, living in a lovely place, being lucky enough to be able to travel and see the world! Having the time spend doing the things I enjoy and for my lovely helper Mariah - without whom I would spend a lot more time ironing!

Im feeling pretty pleased that almost a week in I have managed to complete my page every day! I know probably Sunday will be a challenge, as we are travelling so my journal will be in my hold luggage and will have to wait until Monday to be completed - but you'll let me off right?

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  1. Everyone gets to do this project in their own time. I really like your list - the most important things are almost always not things :)


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