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Thursday, 5 July 2012

A New Laptop

I wonder if its just me, I have been putting off buying a new laptop for a very long time - you know the feeling? I want the new 'go faster' version, but I detest the swapping files over - setting it up, finding the drivers for the printer, the scanner and everything else I put in a safe place and can never find again!

Once I have made the decision to buy one then its the which one, a month or three of reading the reviews (written by people who are much more into computers than me) Gaming - erm no thanks - real life is more fun!

Then its about where I can get the best deal - so another month or two checking that out - and eventually the day comes when the new PC comes home - that was today!

So here it is - all shiny and new - sitting beside the old one - the one I have had for about 8 years - and Im feeling a bit guilty to be honest - now my old faithful computer has been replaced! I promise myself that this computer is going to have the most perfectly organised files and folders - no really it will - I'll be able to find everything easily - first time - every time. The old one is sitting there, looking at me and I can hear it saying - yeah right - just like you did with me!  I feel like I have abandoned an old friend!

My old computer has travelled the world with me - it has more airmiles than most people I know, I organised our wedding on it, I moved house four times with it, and will miss the noise of its failing fan and inconvenience of its exhausted battery. I guess if Im being sentimental (I sometimes am), its more retired than replaced -  meanwhile - Im looking forwards to the adventures Im going to have with 'new and shiny' that 'old faithful' simply didnt have the stamina for!

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  1. Oh goodness! I can sssoooo relate to this post!!! Although, I wouldn't have bought a new computer except the old one went completely dead. Well, not completely, I was able to get all the files off of it. But still, I feel the same way about the new one (now about 18 months old)! I went from PC to Mac, so the filing system was so different! I'm all good now. Funny how just a little bit of time goes by and we settle in! :)


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