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Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 8 - What book are you reading?

Thats the question of the day! Well I think at the moment Im the only person I know NOT reading 50 shades of grey! Ive been reading my Mandarin  text book trying to practice and remember my vocabulary - not easy at all and probably doesnt really count!! Its all Chinese to me!!!!

The book Im currently reading - for pleasure is a book about the 60's - the decade I was born in, Ive got this idea to scrap my early years and include some of the major world events that were happening as I was in my formative years! I vaugely recall Kennedy being assassinated, the Beatles, the Summer of Love - although I was very very young at the time, I remember peace protests and really believed that everybody in San Fransisco did wear flowers in their hair! I remember the Torrey Canyon spilling oil around our coastline, a little of the Vietnam War but more than anything I remember sitting in school and watching the live moon landings on TV on 20 July 1969! What a fabulous time it was to be around!!!

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