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Friday, 6 July 2012

Blog Post Challenge Day 1

Actually - this challenge is from the Docrafts Creativity Club - which I have just joined. The live challenge tool place in May, and I wasnt a member then and it ran for 31 days, so Ive decided better late than never!  Im starting today and going to try and post every day for the 31 days! Wish me luck!!!! OK I guess you know me better than that - I'll just keep it real and go a prompt at a time until I have done the 31 - it might take me until Christmas - and maybe not this Christmas - but Im hoping to have 31 more posts at the end of it

OK - lets get to Prompt 1 which is ........... Loud drumroll...........

 5 reasons Why You Should Craft

1         Its fun and is something you can do at any age, in good or poor health with
           friends or alone!

2        You dont need good weather and can do it anytime of the day, and at any
          time of the year (even during an English Summer - or lack thereof) Im in the
          UK at the moment and trust me, even people who live here all the time are
          thinking Summer was the three fine days they had in March this year! More
          rain forecast tomorrow!

3       Most people appreciate the effort that goes into something hand crafted
         especially for them!

4       Its a great way to make friends - Ive never met a crafter who isnt keen to
         share their skills and knowledge and who wasnt a really lovely person - really!

5      These days Im mainly a scrapbooker - I love to record our life as a family for
        future generations and for us!

So thats one done and just 30 left to go!!!!


  1. All great reasons Alison. Don't worry about being late, I still have several prompts to finish! I'll race you ;-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Amanda! I reckon you'll probably get there first - but its working to get me blogging daily so far!!!! I know Im only two days in but hey - a journey of a thousand miles etc.

  2. Hi Alison, thanks for the message, there is no hard and fast rules to blogging as far as I know, just about having fun and it looks like you are on the way there, well done you. With regards to those lovely rubber stamps that you admire so much, they are from an online craft web shop called Crafts and Me. I can most recommend them to you as I do anyone else as they are a fab family run business, very friendly, helpful and good prices too. lol xx

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm definitely popping over to look for some of those fab stamps!


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