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Friday, 14 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas Days 10 - 13

I have to admit Im feeling quite pleased with myself, not only am I keeping up with JYC this year, but Im actually liking a lot of what I am doing, and Im doing it faster than usual! As Ive said before the key to completion is simplicity, so a limited number of supplies that co-ordinate are a good start and a common theme to link the pages together is all it takes - for me thats my knockouts notebook punch (which I love) and a bag full of lovely stash from Papermarket in Vivo City Singapore! The staff in there are soooo friendly, they carry a good range of stock and they have great offers too - if you happen to be here - its worth popping in - just saying!

So here are my most recent four pages

My lists at the moment are very high level because I really havent thought enough about anything! I have started packing my case ready for the off, but I still have a ton of stuff to do to be ready - please can we put it back a week or two?

 You have to see the Christmas decorations here to believe how truly amazing they are, however when it comes to wrapping paper we have a problem! Singapore is not primarily a Christian nation, although all cultures celebrate parts of each others festivals! So present giving is not as widespread in most of the population as it would be in the UK for example. The only place you can buy Christmas wrapping paper is in chemists shops and even then not easily!

Pictured here is my Christmas role model - my Aunt who has shared every Christmas I have ever had with me in one form or another! She helped me to develop a love of the holiday and has often worked tirelessly too, to make our Christmas magical - she is baking for me this week as I wont have time when I return to the UK! She really is the best!

Christmas weather in the UK and Singapore - my mind sees Christmas as snowy and white, just like the photo of our garden here! However, in Singapore the only snowmen are made of concrete and they generate fake snow for the kids to run around in, wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip flops - how different would they need to dress if that was real snow?

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