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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

There is a downside .......

of living on a small overpopulated microstate!!! Most things about Singapore I love - the lifestyle, lots to do, safe and accessible livng and great food to name but a few wonderful things about the place ..... BUT like many expat's we live in a condo and the people one across and two floors up are having three bathrooms and the marble floors replaced - and this means only one thing  ......... HACKING - for the next 9 days! I just have to mention the word to my friends and they immediately cancel plans to visit me and suggest we meet elsewhere! I could find many places to go to myself, if the TV  box hadnt given up on us last night, so, I have to wait in for the man to come and fix it!

I think Im going to make prawn noodle soup, to try and take my mind off it!

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