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Monday, 27 February 2012

Let's Just Do It!!!!!!

Ive been thinking it would be cool to have a blog for a while, and make some crafting videos, and just get into the modern crafting world! I've been planning on doing some classes for people in real life for ages, but the nature of being an expat here, is that you often spend time travelling home (back to the UK for me), or travelling to see new places (nowhere near as often as I would like) or having visitors and being a tour guide - all of which are a lot of fun, but sometimes get in the way of doing other things!

So if Ive been promising for ages I will organise something, or help you to get started with a scrapbooking project (you know who you are!) I hope you find something here which inspires you to create - and if you do make something please send me a link as I would love to see what you make!!!

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