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Monday, 30 April 2012

Where did April go?

I cant believe how long its been since my last post!!!!! Its been busy - yes, life's got in the way - clearly it has!!! So definitely a must try harder in the blogging department!!!! I have been travelling - two trips to the UK, in fact I'm still there at the moment! We had a lovely weekend trip to Penang but the biggest thing about this particular April for me seems to be that no matter which side of the world I have happened to be on, it has never stopped raining!!!! Remember the song in Bambi? Drip drip Drip little April shower? Thats my theme tune for April 2012! When I was in England in March, the weather was absolutely beautuful - This trip, it has barely been daylight, and it has been so wet, I havent been able to visit my facourite Bluebell Wood, which is hidden in a bit of very old woodland, just a few minutes away! Bluebells are my favourite flower, so Im hoping the rain will stop long enough for me to go and see them in full bloom - as there is nothing more magical or beautiful than a carpet of English Bluebells!!!!

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