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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

PPP - Still Partying!!!!

Im really enjoying this class and today I had another moment of  pure magic - to some people this might come as a total shock, but today I actually let myself use some of my extra special stash (and not just a bit - this was a serious stashbusting level of special stash usage). If you havent read Shimelle's story about the Special Paper you can check it out here Well I have the same thing with my extra special Prima supplies and bits of vintage jewellery I got to go on Layouts - I love them still - but I love them so much I couldnt bring myself to put them on a layout  - until today that is!!!!

Ive been working on a distress theme in PPP the last day or so, and I have made two LO's - both about my Aunt, who is now 87 - please dont tell her I told you - she doesnt act, look or feel a day over 65! Anyway I want to do a scrapbook about her as part of my heritage album collection and have decided it would be fab if she would do the journalling on the pages for me! When I go back to England next Im going to take the almost completed pages for her to do, and Im hoping she'll agree!

When it comes to distressing I love the work of Nic Howard - she is the queen of distressing and shabby chic as far as Im concerned - you can find her here so my first page was an exercise in me getting in back in touch with my distressing tools and toys and breaking out a few new things! I actually sprayed glimmer mist on both of these LO's - Im normally too scared - but my all but forgotten bottle of sand glimmer mist has been shaken up more than a two year old on a trampoline - and used as intended - thats real progress!!!

So here's the first LO - Auntie's wedding photo from 1951! Please note the extra special flower bottom right -

Today however I looked over Nic's gallery on her blog, and scraplifted her Love - Friends LO from her 2012 gallery - I used Prima Paper, Prima flowers, a WHOLE say it with crystals embellishment and some bits of vintage jewellery - as a tribute to May Flaum's tatoo (dont ask) suffice it to day it was part of the prompt :lol: She's certainly a lot braver than me!

So, on to LO two! To be honest, if this layout was any more distressed it would be on the phone to the Samaritans! I really like this one - I even took the photo in my posh vintage 12 x 12 frame on the balcony rather than just on my desk! I should definitely do this more often!!! This photo is from about 1930 - and is of my mum's two older sisters!

 Seriously a WHOLE say it with crystals on one LO - I might need to lie down a while!!!!

As an homage to Nic, I added a tag which is also very very distressed too!

Other LO's I have done in the last day or so, are a combination of dots and stripes  so if you'd like to take a peek - they are right here! Im busy gearing up for LOAD as well at the moment, so hope my scrapping mojo keeps on the go until the end of February - I wonder how many more LO's I'll have done by then?

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